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Saturday, August 18


I Write Stuff People Can Find On Google

 True Story
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Do you know how frustrating it is when you search for how to do something and spend hours going over Search Results that Don't Provide any insight and only Distract you with Irrelevant Related Pages Promising To show you how they made billions of dollars selling Key Chains somewhere else in the MATRIX

I don't know what I'm doing and this is just my opinion and what I have learned 

All I was looking for was an easy step by step Tutorial to getting online and making a simple website so I could rant about things and share my point of views. Simple. Hell no! thanks to "Stupid SEO People"

 Write A Page Create a Search Result

How You Can Write a Google Search Result Easy, Right Now. 

 Make Stuff Like This. So People Can Find It If You Want to Help People Get On Google 

Websites, Articles, Pages, Posts, Blogs,

Whatever you want to call This 

People Search For Something

"How To Write Stuff" 

People Click On 

 Learn How To 

improve the longevity of success

A whole awful lot of opportunities,
  offer solutions

 Jacob Kiegler
No problem

Writers on the other hand. This is an example of how to give people information Please stop Hiding the valuable information And structure your links to help others find answers not hide stupid SEO All over the place.

 The structure is good and I get it we all want to be number one but it sucks for the people that you are sposed to be helping when you feed them BS How I Do Guide   

How to make a website all filled with"Get online Now" spent the only twelve dollars I had on the first thing The internet said I said I needed through

sustainable growth. The best way we can help one another is to listen. listening builds trust but when we ask questions we prove our ability to care. Nothing will ever get better, really it's not. Until someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Sharing each other's stories is the only idea We got. Now go make things better.